Friday, January 18, 2008

PS - TAIL BETWEEN MY LEGS DEPT. old blog DETAILED TWANG, which has a little film commentary on it yet was primarily a music-based endeavor, has been revived. It is and will likely remain my nature to continually shuffle the deck of life, but apologies for any proclamations that said that blog was a done deal. From now on I’ll just vanish when I need to go away for a while – OK? (smiley face, followed by “LOL”).

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Spills said...


Thanks for the heads up. This was definitely a sleeper for me as well. I will definitely buy the DVD. Even the fictional C&W of Payday slays 99% of the Country put out today and 100% that's played on the radio.

If you want another 70's sleeper, check out The Other, which is totally different from Payday, but very creepy and unsettling.