Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It turned out that a film blog was beyond my capabilities, and, to be fair, my interests. I love watching film but – as I found out – don’t truly have enough to say about it in a regular fashion to justify burning 0’s and 1’s on a blog. The infrequent postings on this site are due to the fact that I’m more passionate about music (so please go check out Detailed Twang) and, uh, beer (so please explore Hedonist Beer Jive) than about film – and I consume the former two far more often than I do the latter one. So I’m gonna retire this thing and not keep up the fa├žade any longer. Thanks for checking it out, those of you who did – and here are a few Celluloid Hut awards that I leave you with:

Favorite All-Time Film: 3 WOMEN
Favorite All-Time Director: INGMAR BERGMAN
Favorite All-Time Actor: ROBERT DeNIRO (70s version)
Favorite All-Time Actress: LIV ULLMANN
Best Film of the 60s: PERSONA
Best Film of the 70s: 3 WOMEN
Best Film of the 80s: DAS BOOT
Best Film of the 90s: RESERVOIR DOGS
Best Film of the 00s: MEMENTO